XThe Pop-Up Christmas Calendar

In this clip from the series, Zack and Quack, it's nearly Christmas and Zack has created something special for his friends - an advent calendar!

XIce Pop Sisters

The Pop sisters work together to save their new Snowman friend in this Christmas clip from the series, Zack and Quack.

XPop Up Duck Holiday

Zack and Quack go on holiday to Duck Island in this clip from the series.

XZack & Quack Pop-n-Seek Ninjas

Zack & Quack meet the Hide and Seek ninjas.

XCrafty Christmas - Quack Pine Cone Decoration

Are you ready to get crafty this Christmas? Watch how you can make your own Nick Jr. Quack Pine Cone Decoration.

XZack & Quack Banana Pops

Zack and Kira collect Bananas to make Banana Pops.

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