XA Pup in Sheeps Clothing

Marshall has to disguise himself as a sheep to help rescue the wayward sheep in this clip from the series Paw Patrol.

XTrophy Trouble

Looks like Champ Von Champ Von Winnerchamp stole the winner's trophy for the big race! The Fresh Beats need your kids' help to get it back. Follow Kiki's instructions on how to run and jump, and collect as many power trophies as possible.

Age: 3-6

XGet Crafty: Leaf Print Wrapping Paper

Celebrate the winter season by creating some leaf inspired wrapping paper that is colourful and unique!

XChristmas Card

Send your family and friends this special PAW Patrol Christmas card featuring your favourite pups from the series!

Age: 2 -4

XBling Bling

Can Shimmer and Shine get back their new necklace from Zeta in this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine.


Everyone is partaking in the annual Zoomicorn Toss competition but can anyone stop Zeta from cheating in this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine.

XRoad Maze

Blaze is racing to find new truck parts in this maze adventure!

XA Snowy Invitation

In this festive clip from the series, Digby Dragon, Applecrossmass could be lonely for Grizel when she declines Digby's inviation to the feast. Will she change her mind?

XChristmas Paper Chains

Decorate your house or tree with our festive PAW Patrol paper chains, the PAWfect christmas decoration for fans of the series.

Age: 2- 4

XMolly Crafty Creatures

Molly from Bubble Guppies comes to life with simple items found at home and a bit of imagination!

XTracker Joins the Pups!

Tracker joins the pups, in this clip from PAW Patrol!

XJewel Time

Help Shimmer and Shine search for jewels in this exploration game! Pre-schoolers can play as both Shimmer and Shine in this puzzle adventure across three different environments.

XChristmas Preparation

There's a special guest in the Little Kingdom - Father Christmas! Find out about his visit to Ben and Holly in this clip from the series.

XGet Crafty Leaf Wrapping Paper

Create this unique wrapping paper to show off to all your friends! Inspired by nature and the festive winter season!

Age: 2- 5

XFresh Beat Band of Babies

The fresh beat band are transformed into babies by a hypnotic song in this clip from the series Fresh Beat Band of Spies.

XMeet Nanny Plum

Nanny Plum lives with Holly and her family and looks after everyone in the Little Castle. Get to know her in this special video.

XStay Safe with PAW Patrol

Pre-schoolers can learn about safety with the Paw Patrol in this collection of mini-games.

XHow to Draw Molly

Learn how to draw Molly from the series Bubble Guppies.

XPaw Patrol Christmas Table Place Names

Ensure everyone knows where to sit for Christmas dinner by cutting out and filling in these festive PAW Patrol table place names with friends' and family's names!

XThe Kissing Bear

After taking a shortcut through the snowy mountain Crusher bumps into a a very friendly bear who's actions cause Crusher to have a little tumble this clip from the Nick Jr. series Blaze and the Monster Machines.

XPablo Crafty Creatures

Pablo from Dora and Friends comes to life with simple items found at home and a bit of imagination!

XHalloween Sticker Fun

Create your own Halloween stickerbook with your favourite Nick Jr. characters.