XRusty Learns to Skate

When Rusty builds rocket skates instead of learning how to skate, he discovers that short cuts aren't always the best idea! Find out what happens in this clip from the series, Rusty Rivets.

XThe Grumpy Old Troll Gets Married

The Grumpy Old Troll is getting married, and must find all the things he needs in time for the wedding, in this clip from the series Dora the Explorer.

XRusty's Mysterious Mystery

Officer Carl has lost his lucky sculpture and suspects someone has taken it, so Rusty and Ruby help him find the culprit, in this clip from the series Rusty Rivets.

XMud Mountain Rescue

Crusher’s at it again! He tried to cheat his way to the finish line and has ended up in a muddy mess. Now Blaze and AJ need help saving Crusher before he hits Mud Mountain! Kids can help Blaze swing through a warehouse, chop logs and steer clear of slippery slime. Be sure to collect rope bundles along the way so that Blaze and Crusher’s granny can pull Crusher to safety.

Age: 3-6

XA Very Villainous Vacation

In this clip from the series Wallykazam, Wally is on holiday with his family and his best friend Norville. It's all rest and relaxation until Wally creates a villain with his magic stick!