XPolice Cat in Action

In this clip from the series 44 Cats, the Buffycats help Cop the police cat, search for the stolen golden cat statue!

44 Cats: Police Cat in Action
XPal'ntines Day Quiz!

Celebrate your best friends with Pal'ntines Day on Nick Jr. and watch clips from your favourite shows before taking part in the quiz! Look out for characters from Becca's Bunch, Nella and Blaze!

Nick Jr.: Pal'ntines Day Quiz!
XAdara's Bracelet

In this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine, find out what happens when Zeta finds a way to take control of Adara's bracelets to collect stars!

Shimmer and Shine: Adara's Bracelet
XPaddington Bear and Family Colouring Pack

It's time to get creative and colour in some of your favourite characters from the series, The Adventures of Paddington! Made with love from Paddington!

Age: 2-5

The Adventures of Paddington: Paddington Bear and Family Colouring Pack
XBig Swirl Blackout

In this clip from the series Top Wing, the whole of Swirl Island has a powercut but Penny has an idea on how to use glowing pearls to light up the runway!

Top Wing: Big Swirl Blackout