XAJ to the Rescue

AJ to the Rescue: Blaze and AJ are racing through the jungle when Blaze gets trapped in super sticky mud! Now it's up to AJ and his new animal friends to go on an epic adventure to save Blaze!

AJ to the Rescue
Full Episode
XArrgh Me Snugglies

In this clip from the series Top Wing, find out why everyones snugglies have suddenly gone missing!

Top Wing: Arrgh Me Snugglies
XWord Train

Join Shimmer and Shine and drag the words into the blank spaces to complete a sentence!

Shimmer and Shine: Word Train
XWillow gets to the Root of it

In this clip from the series Nella the Princess Knight, something seems wrong with the club house tree so Nella asks Willow for help!

Nella the Princess Knight: Willow gets to the Root of it
XChristmas Activity Pack

It's Christmas! Now it's your time to get creative with a great assortment of Christmas activities featuring characters from your favourite Nick Jr. shows!

Age: 2-5

Nick Jr.: Christmas Activity Pack
XNick Jr. Happy Holidays Resort

Welcome to Nick Jr.’s Happy Holidays Resort where kids can play four festive games with their favorite Nick Jr. friends from PAW Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, Blaze, and Sunny Day. Kids can visit each place in the resort over and over again, celebrating the snowy holiday season with their Nick Jr. friends!