In this clip from the series Becca's Bunch, Becca's giant pumpkin has gone walkabouts! As it goes tumbling down the hill, the bunch chase after it before the pumpkin competition begins!

Becca's Bunch: Pumpkin
XPop and Spell

Learn to spell with Rusty and Ruby! Create words using the pictures from the series Rusty Rivets, by dragging the balloons into the spaces. Let's combine it and design it!

Rusty Rivets: Pop and Spell
XA Cauldron

In this clip from the series The Day Henry Met, Henry is looking for all the ingredients he needs to cast a magical Halloween party spell with his new friend Cauldron!

The Day Henry Met A Cauldron
XHalloween Bunting

Print off this PAW Patrol bunting to make sure your Halloween celebration is puptacular! Happy Howloween!

Age: 2-4

PAW Patrol: Halloween Bunting
XTreehouse Retreat

In this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine, the girls are at Rainbow Zahramay for a relaxing camping retreat, when Zeta attempts to scare the girls with a not-so-scary monster!

Shimmer and Shine: Treehouse Retreat
XTruck or Treat

It's Halloween in Axle City, and Blaze, AJ, and all of their friends are excited to Truck or Treat! But Crusher and Pickle are around, and have plans to steal all of their Truck or Treat goodies, in this clip from the series Blaze and the Monster Machines.

XLunch Box Rescue

Timmy Turtle is using his brand new super special lunch box for his first day at primary school. Disaster strikes when the lunch box drops over the edge of a cliff with Timmy not far behind it! Luckily Team Top Wing are on hand to rescue him, in this clip from the series.