XClod's Big Bounce

A bouncy castle floats away down a mud river with Clod inside! Can Nella and the team save him? Find out in this clip from the series Nella the Princess Knight.

Nella the Princess Knight: Clod's Big Bounce
XPop and Spell

Use the letters in the balloons to create a word using the picture to help! Test your spelling skills with Blaze and the Monster Machines!

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Pop and Spell
XSunny's Squad

In this clip from the series Sunny Day, practising football in the park turns into a match! But will Sunny's Squad be the winning team?

Sunny Day: Sunny's Squad
XAbby and Teeny Terry Colouring Page

Meet Abby and her tiny Fuzzly friend, Teeny Terry! Use the Nick Jr. Colour Tool to colour them in using bright colours!

Age: 2-7

Abby Hatcher: Abby and Teeny Terry Colouring Page
XThe Painting Gem

Shimmer, Shine and Leah have found a magic paintbrush that brings paintings to life! Join them as they try to stop Zeta from getting her hands on it in this clip from the series Shimmer & Shine.

Shimmer & Shine: The Painting Gem
XPups Save an Extreme Lunch

In this clip from the series PAW Patrol, Daring Danny X has an extreme lunch over a canyon but a gust of wind turns him upside down! Can the pups save him and the food?