XRod's Dream of Flying

In this clip from the series Top Wing, Baddy McBat is showing off his tricks in his Bat Wing, when suddenly he falls from the sky! It's down to Rod to land safely and team Top Wing to catch Baddy.

Top Wing: Rod's Dream of Flying
XConnect The Shots

Connect the dots with Nella to reveal all your favourite Nella the Princess Knight characters!

Age: 3-6

Nella The Princess Knight: Connect The Shots
XThe Darpoppy

In this clip from Shimmer and Shine, Zac is desperate to find the legendary Darpoppy monster. When he gets lost in the magical forest, the others follow the mysterious footprints and learn that the creature is much friendlier than they thought!

Shimmer and Shine: The Darpoppy
XDot-To-Dot Pack

Nella needs your help! Test your number skills and join the dots to help Nella find her lost items! Follow the instructions at the bottom to create a picture that you can then colour in.

Age: 2-4

Nella: Dot-To-Dot Pack
XHelly's Pinwheel

It's an incredibly windy day in Brooms Town, and Benny can feel the full force of the wind! He gets himself stuck in a spinning wind turbine, and it's down to Poli and his team to rescue him, in this clip from the series Robocar Poli.

Robocar Poli: Helly's Pinwheel