XThe Fuzzliest Dinner!

In this clip from the series Abby Hatcher, find out what happens when Abby, Bozzly and Curly try to cook dinner for the hotel guests!

Abby Hatcher: The Fuzzliest Dinner!
XAbby Hatcher Quiz!

Get ready and help your friends from Abby Hatcher answer these questions about the show! Watch Abby, Bozzly, the Fuzzlies and the Peepers before testing your knowledge!

Abby Hatcher: Quiz!
XPrincess Flug's Pet Slug

In this clip from the series Abby Hatcher, Princess Flug finds a slug in the garden who she wants to keep as a pet, but will the slug be happy indoors?

Abby Hatcher: Princess Flug's Pet Slug
XAbby Hatcher Maze

Find your way through the Abby Hatcher themed maze, catching the fuzzlies that are inside as you go!

Age: 2-5

Abby Hatcher Maze
XPrincess Flug's Flowery Adventure

In this clip from the series Abby Hatcher, Abby and Bozzly create a trail of flowers to lead Princess Flug back home!

Abby Hatcher: Princess Flug's Flowery Adventure
XPeeper Time Blues

Join Abby and Bozzly to find out why the Peepers are so blue in this clip from the series Abby Hatcher!

Abby Hatcher: Peeper Time Blues