XAbby and Teeny Terry Colouring Page

Meet Abby and her tiny Fuzzly friend, Teeny Terry! Use the Nick Jr. Colour Tool to colour them in using bright colours!

Age: 2-7

Abby Hatcher: Abby and Teeny Terry Colouring Page
XBozzly Colouring Page

Meet Abby's best friend and companion Bozzly, with super listening skills! Use the Nick Jr. Colour Tool to colour him in, will you use some sparkly sequins or some bright blue paint to decorate him?

Age: 2-7

Abby Hatcher: Bozzly Colouring Page
XPrincess Flug Colouring Page

Meet Abby's most glamorous Fuzzly friend, Princess Flug! Use the Nick Jr. Colour Tool to colour and cover her in pink sequins to make her crown sparkle!

Age: 2-7

Abby Hatcher: Princess Flug Colouring Page
XGeorge Knight Colouring Page

Colour in George, from the series Peppa Pig, dressed as a knight! Customise his shield using our exciting range of colour tools.

Age: 2-4

Peppa Pig: George Knight Colouring Page
XLion Blaze Colouring Page

Hear Blaze roar! Blaze shows his wild side as he transforms into a magnificent lion! Choose some colours to match the majestic animal using the Nick Jr. Colour Tool.

Age: 2- 4

Blaze: Lion Blaze Colouring Page

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