XPlaydate with Magenta

Playdate with Magenta: Blue's friend Magenta is coming over today! We play Blue's Clues to figure out what Blue wants to do with Magenta. During our search for clues, we identify opposites and check out animal footprint with our friends Shovel & Pail.

Playdate with Magenta
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XThe Music on the River

In this clip from the series Blue's Clues & You, can you help Blue and Josh figure out which route of the river to take by listening to the music?

Blue's Clues & You: The Music on the River
XChristmas Catch

Join Blue and Rubble for this very special Nick Jr. Christmas game! Catch the presents and avoid the trees!

Age: 2-4

Nick Jr. Christmas Catch!
XBlue's Musical Band

In this clip from the series Blue's Clues & You, Josh works out which instrument Blue would like to play and they all form their own musical band!

Blue's Clues & You: Blue's Musical Band
XBlue's Colouring

Let's play with Blue and you! Help Blue match the colours!

Age: 2-5

Let's Play: Blue's Colour Match
XMr Salt and Mrs Pepper's Feast

In this clip from the series Blue's Clues & You, Blue and Josh help Mr Salt and Mrs Pepper figure out which foods they would like to eat at their feast!

Blue's Clues: Mr Salt and Mrs Pepper's Feast
XNick Jr. Block Star Challenge

Ready for a fun, family-friendly competition? This multi-player game allows for 4 players to compete with speed to see who’s the best on the block! Each competitor chooses a player: block characters from PAW Patrol, Blue's Clues & You, Blaze and more! There are 3 skill-building challenges that players will have to use their problem-solving skills to get through quickly. Each player takes a turn tackling the same timed, obstacle course. The faster players go, the more points they collect. The player with the most points tallied, wins!

XThe Spooky Search for the Oogla Boogla

In this clip from the series Blue's Clues & You, Blue and Josh go on a search through Boo's haunted mansion to try and find the Oogla Boogla!

XBlue's Clues & You: A Day with Blue

Tickety Tock loves counting, telling time and helping Blue throughout her day. If kids love Blue’s Clues and You!, they’ll love spending a day with Tickety and helping guide Blue through each of her daily routines. Morning time, afternoon time, and evening time, each brings different activities like teeth brushing, post time, snack time and more! Can your pre-schooler help Tickety prepare for each part of Blue’s day? To help Tickety with Blue’s routines, kids will gather (drag and drop) all the objects Blue needs to complete that activity. Once all objects are selected, kids will get to see how doing their part helps Blue complete her daily routine. Blue is so excited she can count on your child to make all her routines happen! This Blue’s Clues and You! game focuses on routines and can help prompt conversations with your child about why routines are so important and helpful to get through each day.

XWhere Do Fruit and Vegetables Come From?

In this clip from the series Blue's Clues & You, help Josh and Blue work together to find out where fruit and vegetables come from!

Blue's Clues & You