XColour and Craft Blue's Paw Print Stamp

In this create and craft clip, you can learn how to make your very own Blue's paw print stamp! Print the stamp onto paper to make a picture or you could even use it for wrapping paper!

Let's Play: Colour and Craft Blue's Paw Print Stamp
XMusic Quiz!

Watch some musical themed clips featuring some of your favourite characters including, Peppa Pig and Paddington! Then test how much you have remembered by answering the questions!

Nick Jr.: Music Quiz!
XPortrait of Pals

In this clip from the series Blue's Clues & You, learn about mixing colours whilst Blue creates a portrait of all of her friends with different coloured paints!

Blue's Clues & You: Portrait of Pals
XBlue's Paw Stamp Activity

Follow the step by step instructions and learn how to make a paw print stamp similar to Blue's paw print. Use the photos to help you, and you could even make your own wrapping paper design!

Age: 2-5

Let's Play: Blue's Paw Stamp Activity
XDraw Magenta

Join Josh and Blue in this very special clip from Blues Clues & You! Get your pencils and learn to draw a fun version of Magenta!

Bluesday Tuesday: Draw Magenta
XThe Thinking Squad

In this clip from the series Blue's Clues & You, it's time to get thinking and help Josh work out what is making a strange noise, using the clues Blue provides.

Blue's Clues & You: The Thinking Squad
XWorld Cooking

Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper and the whole Shaker family are making tasty treats from around the world for Blue … and YOU! Kids become kitchen helpers as they help their friends steam soup dumplings from China, roll gnocchi from Italy, stuff tamales from Mexico, and more – all while learning fun facts about cuisines and cultures of ten different countries. Get clued into delicious world culture with Blue’s Clues & You!

Blue's Clues & You