Background Art
XGo Diego Go Theme Song

Sing Along to the Go Diego Go! theme song..

XDiego Hermit Crab Rescue

Help Diego find bigger shells for the hermit crabs to live in

Age: 2-4

XDiego to the rescue

Watch a video clip where there has been a storm in the rainforest and Diego has to help a Pampas Cat get down from a tree

XNorth Pole Maze

For a fun festive puzzle, print out and tackle this maze based on the show, Go, Diego, Go!

Age: 2-4

XDiego Ocean Animal Rescuer

Watch a video clip where Diego saves a dolphin.

XDiego parties with lion cubs

Watch a video clip where Diego joins the lion cubs on their way to the lion cub party

XDiego Snowboard Rescue

Help Diego rescue the penguins by practicing your mouse and keyboard skills

Age: 2-4

XDiego Oil Spill

Watch a video clip where Diego saves his friends from an oil spill.

XDiego's picture puzzle

Print these two pages and glue them back-to-back. Cut into nine pieces, scatter on a table, and put back together like a jigsaw!

Age: 2-4

XDiego Billy Beaver

Watch a video clip where Diego helps to build a dam.

XDiego Safari Rescue

Help Diego save the animals from the magician who is changing all the animals into trees, rocks and bushes

Age: 2-4

XDiego's find the word

Find the animals. Print the page, then use a pencil to circle the word for each animal you can see.

Age: 3-4

XDiego Pyramid Puzzle

Join the puzzle party inside the pyramid by solving all the puzzles to open the door

Age: 4-6

XDiego's connect the dots

Print and connect the dots from 1 to 20 to reveal who's helping Diego.

Age: 2-4

XDiego's car bingo

Print several copies of these three pages before your next car trip. Circle the items you see with a pen.

Age: 3-4

XDiego Tree Decorations

Print off these Diego Decorations and cut out to create Christmas decorations.

Age: 2-4

XDiego Father's Day CD Storage

Print out the instructions and the stickers, then build your Dad a Safari Jeep CD storage as a Father's Day present.

Age: 2-4

XDiego Father's day Bookmark Shapes

Print out these Diego bookmark shapes, cut them out and use them to mark your page.

Age: 2-4

XDiego becomes a jaguar expert!

Print the seven-page pack of jaguar facts, games, and activities.

Age: 3-4

XDiego Baby Jaguar's spots

Print all pages on a colour printer. Attach a loop of sticky tape to each spot and play Put the spots on Baby Jaguar with your party guests.

Age: 2-4

XDiego Birthday Party Invitation

Invite your friends to your birthday party with this Diego party invitation

Age: 2-4

XDiego - Straw toppers

Print out these Diego straw toppers to use at your party.

Age: 2-4

XDiego Polar Bear Colouring Page

Colour in Diego and his friend the polar bear.

Age: 2-5

XDiego Valentines

Colour in Diego and his friend on Valentines day.

Age: 2-4