Background Art
XMeet Swiper

Meet Swiper from the series Dora the Explorer, who's always trying to sneak up on Dora and swipe anything he can get his hands on!

XDora Fairytale Fiesta

Once upon a time Boots and Dora were invited to a fairytale fiesta at a castle. But there was an anti-party witch who put a spell on the castle!

Age: 2-4

XDora the Explorer: Meet Boots

Meet Boots, a furry monkey who's Dora the Explorer's best friend and adventurous travel companion.

XChristmas Santa Letter

Print off this Dora the Explorer Christmas Santa letter, fill it in and send it off!

Age: 2-4

XMeet Dora

Learn more about Dora the Explorer. Determined, positive and caring, she’s never afraid to help a friend along the way.

XDora the Explorer: About the Show

Welcome to the world of Dora the Explorer, meet all of Dora's friends and explore their magical world!

XDora's Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure

Dora’s on her way to the big gymnastics show when Swiper swipes her special ribbon! Now she’ll need your gamers’ help & her special gymnastic moves to get it back!

Age: 3-6

XChoo Choo Choo Cha Cha Cha

Dora and Boots need to get to the top of the mountain in time for the concert in this clip from Dora the Explorer.

XBoots Rocket Colouring Page

Colour in Boots from Dora the Explorer! Use our great selection of artistic tools to give your creation that truly artistic finish!

XJack and the Beanstalk

Watch Dora and Boots help Jack fix the leaves on his beanstalk in this clip from Dora the Explorer. Which number goes where?

XSave the Magic

Dora needs to save the magic in fairytale land before it's too late in this clip from Dora the explorer.

XDora Pegasus Adventure

Help Dora ride the Pegasus through the sky

Age: 2-4

XEl Mago

Dora and Boots have to use the magic ring to break El Mago's wicked spell in this clip from Dora the Explorer.

XBoots Colouring Page

Colour in Dora the Explorer's friend Boots! Show off your artisitic flare with our various creative tools!

Age: 2-4

XWe will fix it

Watch Dora help fix the fairy godmother's wand in this clip from Dora the explorer.

XEaster Egg Hunt

Dora and her friends all take part in the Easter bunny's egg hunt in this clip from Dora the Explorer.

XDora - Cooking in La Cocina

Help Dora and Swiper collect the presents in the sky, but avoid the clouds!

Age: 2-4

XFriendship Day

Dora and Boots sing about Friendship Day in this musical video from the series, Dora the Explorer. Why don't you join in!

XTico Colouring Page

Colour in Dora's friend Tico! Add sequins for that extra sparkle!

Age: 2-4

XTrick or Treat song

Watch this Halloween themed musical clip from the series, Dora the Exlplorer!

XHalloween Parade

Dora is all dressed up and ready to march in the Halloween parade in this clip from the series.

XDora's Ice Skating

Let's skate together! Join Dora on the ice and help her put together a winning routine.

Age: 2-4

XChristmas Carol Adventure

Dora and friends are preparing for their Christmas eve party in this clip from the series, Dora the Explorer. It's the best party of the year!

XSwiper Colouring Page

Colour in Dora's friend Swiper! Use the paintbrush tool to give your creation a truly artistic finish!

Age: 2-4