XCount Along

Join Blaze and AJ to practise your maths skills by counting along with them in these clips from the series Blaze and the Monster Machines!

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Count Along
XWord Train

Play along and learn with Nella the Princess Knight! Complete the sentences, by dragging the words into the spaces, using the photos to help you

Nella the Princess Knight: Word Train
XDino Egg Activity

It's time to celebrate Dino Rescue! Follow the 6 steps, use the photos to help you and get creative by making your very own dino egg!

Age: 2-5

Dino Rescue: Dino Egg Activity

Learn your alphabet with the help of this colourful nursery rhyme sing along video, ABCDEFG. Look out for the letter your name begins with!

Nursery Rhymes: ABCDEFG
XColours Quiz!

Join in with a colourful quiz featuring some of your favourite characters from Nick Jr. shows! Watch the videos carefully and then answer the colour related questions!

Nick Jr.: Colours Quiz!

Nick Jr. Learn