XRod's Family Popcorn Party

In this clip from the Nick Jr. series Top Wing, the cadets are looking forward to meeting Rod's family and eating popcorn with them!

Top Wing: Rod's Family Popcorn Party
XParty Music Maker

Boogie with your favourite Nick Jr. characters using this party music maker!

Music Maker: Party
XButterfly Biscuits Instructions

Make these yummy butterfly biscuits from the series Butterbean's Café using this printout!

Age: 2-4

Butterbean's Café: Butterfly Biscuits Instructions
XThe Messy Barbecue!

In this clip from the series Butterbean's Café, Butterbean, Cricket and the rest of the café cook up a delicious barbecue ready for their hungry guests!

Butterbean's Café: The Messy Barbeque!
XBig Bot Party

Rusty and Ruby are throwing a Big Bot Party and they need your help to get Tigerbot, Botarilla and Botasaur ready! First, use a power buffer to get the bots looking squeaky clean. Then, help Tigerbot by picking out special party glasses and choosing a tune. Next, help Botarilla choose the perfect hat and choreograph a new dance to show off at the party. Finally, help Botasaur choose a new pair of shoes and kit him out with attachable party decorations. Once the bots are ready, it's time to get the party started!

Age: 3-6

Rusty Rivets: Big Bot Party
XNorma's Very Big Day

In this clip from the series Nella the Princess Knight, Norma is turning one! Find out what happens when a spell makes everything grow in size!