XPrintable 5 a day Chart

Print out this sheet for your very own Peppa Pig 5 a day chart! Simply tick a box every time you eat a fruit or vegetable.

XPrintable Paper Plane Activity

Print out these sheets for instructions and a template of how to make your very own Peppa paper plane!

XPrintable Colour Learning Sheet

Print out this Peppa Pig sheet and colour it in while learning your primary colours, if you use paint you can mix them to make more colours!

XPrintable Finger Puppets

Print out this Peppa Pig sheet and ask for a grown-ups help with cutting out these finger puppets of Peppa and George. You could use them to put on your very own puppet show!

XPrintable Windmill Activity

Print out this Peppa Pig sheet to help you make your very own windmills, take them outside to see them whizz around in the wind!

XHalloween Decorations

Print off these Peppa Pig Halloween decorations, then cut them out and play!

Age: 2-4

Peppa Pig Activities