XPeppa Pig Basketball

Peppa and her friends are playing Basketball against their parents. Help Peppa and her team beat them by passing the ball and scoring successfully.

Age: 2-4

XPeppa Pig's The New House

In this game, help Peppa and George build a house with Daddy Pig.

Age: 2-4

XPeppa Pig Bat and Ball

Help Peppa Pig and her friends play Bat and Ball.

Age: 2-4

XSnorts and Crosses

Children play the simple game of noughts and crosses but with Peppa and Daddy Pig.

Age: 2-4

XPeppa Spot the Difference

Spot the 5 differences between the two picture of Peppa Pig and her family at the breakfast table

Age: 2-4

XPeppa Pig's Golden Boots

Peppa Pig has some golden boots so she can jump in muddy puddles. Help her catch the balloons and jump in all the muddy puddles.

Age: 3-6

Peppa Pig Games