XCome Dance with Twirl

Join, your favourite Liger, Twirl as she shows off her signature move and her love for ballet and hip-hop.

Ready Set Dance: Come Dance with Twirl
XBoom Clap Pow

When a kitten gets cat-napped, the magnificent Kid Crew must find their own superpowers if they want to save the day.

Ready Set Dance: Boom Clap Pow
XDo the Freeze

A super cool story about a snaggle toothed Snow Leopard and a city that's in awe of his ice cold moves.

Ready Set Dance: Do the Freeze
XMy First Recital

A transformative little story about some prime ballerinas who have to perfect first position if they want to fly through their first big recital.

Ready Set Dance: My First Recital

A show stopping spectacular about the weird and wonderful sights that perform under the Big Top at the circus.

Ready Set Dance: Circus
XWhat's my Jam?

An uplifting story about a kid who's just trying to fit in. It's a journey of self-discovery that brings the community together, but it's the beat of the music that's most inspiring.

Ready Set Dance: What's my Jam?
XPixies and Pirates

A swashbuckling little story with a sprinkle of fairy dust, Pixies and Pirates is about allowing every aspect of your personality to shine as bright as treasure.

Ready Set Dance: Pixies and Pirates
XReady Set Rewind

A top rocking little story about TV night at the Ready Set House and the youngest Kid Crew member, who ends up taking control.

Ready Set Dance: Ready Set Rewind
XSpaghetti and Meatballs

A delicious little story, about teamwork, a dance off and what happens when you have to impress, a very special guest.

Ready Set Dance: Spaghetti and Meatballs
XBuzzy Bees

Do you love to be a busy bee too? Get your feet out of the sticky honey and start dancing!

Ready Set Dance: Buzzy Bees
XI Love the Rain

Ready Set Dance will get you moving and grooving. Join Freeze and Twirl for great songs and cool moves!

Ready Set Dance: I Love the Rain
XUnder the Sea

An absorbing story about underwater explorers and all the majesty they can see on an adventure under the sea.

Ready Set Dance: Under the Sea

Ready Set Dance