XSuper Rusty vs Super Villain Bot

Frankie Fritz wants to become a superhero, in this clip from the series Rusty Rivets!

Rusty Rivets: Super Rusty vs Super Villain Bot
XHalloween What's Missing? Quiz!

Happy Halloween! Join your favourite Nick Jr. characters including Nella, Rusty and Becca in this spooky video quiz. Carefully watch the Halloween clips, then guess what's missing!

Nick Jr.: Halloween What's Missing? Quiz!
XTeacher Appreciation Day

In this clip from the series Rusty Rivets, Rusty and Ruby create a robot class helper as a present for Teacher Betty, but it soon backfires when Frankie Fritz gets his hands on it!

Rusty Rivets: Teacher Appreciation Day
XBotarilla Colouring Page

Meet Botarilla, Rusty's friendly and goofy robotic Gorilla! Use the Nick Jr. Colour Tool to play around with some fun textures and colours for him!

Age: 2- 4

Rusty Rivets: Botarilla Colouring Page
XRusty's Dinocoaster

In this clip from the series Rusty Rivets, Rusty and Ruby are having a blast on their new roller coaster, when they realise they forgot to put brakes on!

Rusty Rivets: Rusty's Dinocoaster
XRusty in Space

In this clip from the series Rusty Rivets, Rusty and Ruby help a little alien to get back to his home planet before Bloop Blop Day!

Rusty Rivets: Rusty in Space
XBig Bot Party

Rusty and Ruby are throwing a Big Bot Party and they need your help to get Tigerbot, Botarilla and Botasaur ready! First, use a power buffer to get the bots looking squeaky clean. Then, help Tigerbot by picking out special party glasses and choosing a tune. Next, help Botarilla choose the perfect hat and choreograph a new dance to show off at the party. Finally, help Botasaur choose a new pair of shoes and kit him out with attachable party decorations. Once the bots are ready, it's time to get the party started!

Age: 3-6

XRuby's Comet Adventure

In this clip from the series Rusty Rivets, the clouds are getting in the way of Rusty and Ruby's view of an exciting comet in the sky. So they use their rocket to zoom above the clouds, giving them front row seats!