XBaddy Up to No Good

In this clip from the series Top Wing, Baddy gets caught on a runaway kart! Lucky the Top Wing team are on hand to rescue him!

Top Wing: Baddy Up to No Good
XParty Music Maker

Boogie with your favourite Nick Jr. characters using this party music maker!

Music Maker: Party
XTurtle Train Clean Up

Swift needs to stop the speedy Turtle Train, in this clip from the series Top Wing!

Top Wing: Turtle Train Clean Up
X'Earn Your Wings' Cupcakes Instructions

Print of these instructions to decorate a delicious cupcake, good enough for the best Top Wing cadet!

Age: 2-4

Top Wing: 'Earn Your Wings' Cupcakes Instructions
XTropical Penny Pancake Face

Add some colour to your pancakes with Penny from the series Top Wing! Watch this clip to find out how!

Top Wing: Tropical Penny Pancake Face
XSwift Mask

Follow this video tutorial to learn how to make your own Swift mask and become one of the Top Wing cadets!

Top Wing: Swift Mask
XVirtual Training Missions

Top Wing Academy is now open and you can earn your wings by going on virtual training missions! Choose from stunt flying with Swift, super surfing with Brody, deep-sea scouting with Penny and off-road riding with Rod. On each mission you will help steer the cadets in the right direction, collecting as many tokens as possible and earning badges. Let's cock-a-doodle do this!

Age: 3-6