XA Light Sprite Can Write Mum

Write the word 'mum' with Libby Lightsprite, in this special clip from the series, Wallykazam!

XSticky Picnic

In this clip from the series, Wallykazam, Bobgoblin messes up one of Wally's spells, they end up stuck together and must find a way out of the spell before the big picnic.

XWallykazam! Valentine

Print off and cut along the dotted lines to create a Wallykazam Valentine. When using scissors remember to ask a grown up for help.

Age: 2-4

XThe Great Wishing Potato

In this clip from the series, Wallykazam, Wally and the gang are in charge of looking after the wishing potato.

XGoing Coconuts

Wizard Jeff puts Wally and Norville in charge of his house, but with one very important rule to follow, in this clip from Wallykazam.

XSnow Goblin

In this festive clip from the series, Wallykazam, Bob Goblin befriends a giant snow goblin, causing chaos by covering Wally's home in snow!