Background Art
XWallykazam! Theme Tune

Sing Along to the Wallykazam! theme tune.

XWallykazam! We Must Have Mud

Wally and Norville sing a song about mud.

XLibby Light Sprite Colouring Page

Colour in Libby from Wallykazam! Add sequins for some extra sparkle!

Age: 2-6

XWallykazam! A Light Sprite Can Write

Sprite writes the word 'Sprite'.

XWallykazam! Mother's Day

Wally and Norville make a Mother's Day card.

XWallykazam! The Hopping Song

Sing Along to Wallykazam.

XNorville Colouring Page

Colour in Norville from Wallykazam! Use the paintbrush tool to give your creation that truly artistic finish!

Age: 2-6

XMoustache Day

Wally and friends go on the hunt for a really big treat in this Halloween themed clip from the series Wallykazam!

XWallykazam! Giant Words

Gina Giant explains the giant word 'ridiculous'.

XWallykazam! What the Treasure could be

Wally and Rockelle sing a song about the treasure.

XBobgoblin Colouring Page

Colour in Bobgoblin from Wallykazam! The pencil tool is great at giving your creation that precise finishing touch!

Age: 2-6

XWallykazam! Ode to a Creature

Ogre Doug sings a song using rhyming words.

XWallykazam! Marshmellow Mountain

Wally makes words starting with the letter 'M'.

XWallykazam! What A Letter M

Wally brings words beginning with the letter 'W' to life!

XWally Colouring Page

Colour in Wally from Wallykazam! Show off your artistic flare with our various creative tools!

Age: 2-6

XWallykazam! Cheeseburgers and Chilli

Sing Along to Wallykazam.

XWallykazam! Shiny Shoes

Wally makes words starting with the letters 'Sh'.

XTricky Tricycles

In this clip from Wallykazam, Wally and Norville learn about words beginning with 'tr'.

XHalloween Colouring Page

Wallykazam needs some creepy colouring in! Use the Nick Jr. tool to make your spooky mark in Halloween colours.

Age: 2-6

XWallykazam! A Word From Bobgoblin Bell

Bobgoblin explores words rhyming with the word 'Bell'.

XWally Saves The Trollidays Song

Join in with Wally and friends as they sing about the Trollidays in this clip from the series, Wallykazam!

XWallykazam! What A Letter L

Wally brings words beginning with the letter 'L' to life!

XWallykazam! Valentine

Print off and cut along the dotted lines to create a Wallykazam Valentine. When using scissors remember to ask a grown up for help.

Age: 2-4

XWally Crafty Creatures