XPop Up Counting Sheep

In this clip from the series, Zack and Quack, Zack and the gang need to gather the runaway sheep before they set the whole of the pop up book to sleep!

XLicense To Pop

In this clip from the series Zack and Quack, the two are making their very own action movie, but when the spiders steal their grabbing gadget they find themselves in a real life one!

XNick Jr. Valentine's Day

Celebrate the friendship of Valentine's Day with this special video featuring some of your favourite Nick Jr. series, including PAW Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, Little Charmers, Lily's Driftwood Bay and Zack and Quack!

XPop Credible Shrinking Boy

In this clip from the series,Zack and Quack, the pop-up gang are shrunk by a magical fairy to help save Spring.

XQuack Walks the Plank

Quack accidentally stows away on a pirate ship in this clip from the series, Zack & Quack.

XPop Up Posse to the Rescue

Zack and his friends become honorary Sheriffs for the day but can they suss out the bandits!

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